Best Poker Sites in NZ – Top Poker Gambling Sites

Discover the finest online poker NZ with our curated list of top poker sites. These platforms offer an exciting twist, bringing live dealer poker games to your screen. Play against fellow poker enthusiasts and skilled dealers without leaving the comfort of your space. 

We go beyond the basics to explore their game selection, software partnerships, licenses, and fair gaming practices. Whether you’re a Texas Hold’em enthusiast, an Omaha strategist, or a fan of other variants, these platforms cater to all. Dive into the poker action, and you might just find yourself hitting the jackpot in New Zealand’s premier poker destinations.

List of Sites With Best Poker Games in NZ

Your quest for the finest poker sites in New Zealand ends here! We’ve handpicked these online poker real money for you. They’re not your average poker rooms; they’re some of the hottest online casinos of 2023, and they come with exciting surprises!

Play against fellow poker fans and skilled dealers, all from your screen. Check out these top-notch online poker sites:

How We Choose the Best Online Poker Games in NZ

Selecting the best online poker games in NZ involves a thorough process. We prioritize diversity, partnering with top software providers, licensing, and fair RTP and payout rates. Ensuring players have a broad array of poker games to choose from, access to cutting-edge technology, and a secure, fair gaming environment is our goal. Discover the finest poker experiences in New Zealand.

Variety of Poker Games Available

Our selection process for the best casino poker online games in NZ begins with the diversity and richness of the poker game selection. We understand that poker enthusiasts have varied tastes, and as such, we ensure that the chosen poker sites offer a wide array of game options to cater to every preference. 

Whether you’re a fan of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, or any other poker variant, these platforms have you covered. They also host various tournament types, from sit-and-gos to multi-table tournaments, providing ample choices for both casual and competitive players.

Partnering With the Best Software Providers

To deliver the ultimate poker gaming experience, we prioritize online poker sites that collaborate with top-tier software providers. These partnerships ensure players have access to seamless gameplay, cutting-edge graphics, and innovative features. 

Renowned developers like Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt power these poker games. They bring their expertise in creating user-friendly interfaces and maintaining fair play. This ensures that you’re not just getting a game of poker; you’re getting a premium gaming experience.

License & Regulation

Security and trustworthiness are paramount when selecting the best online poker games in NZ. We exclusively endorse platforms that hold reputable licenses from internationally recognized authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, or the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. 

These licenses are not just pieces of paper; they are a testament to a platform’s commitment to player protection and fair play. Poker sites operating within the bounds of these licenses create a secure and responsible gaming environment for all players.

Fair RTP & Payout Rates

To identify the best online poker games, we delve into the Return to Player (RTP) percentages and payout rates. Higher RTP percentages translate to better odds for players to receive returns on their wagers over time. Our selected poker games consistently offer fair RTP and payout rates, ensuring that players have a reasonable opportunity to win. 

For instance, popular poker variants often feature RTP percentages around 95-98%, guaranteeing players decent chances of winning. This transparency and fairness are integral to player trust and overall satisfaction. Players can confidently enjoy the games, knowing they’ve been designed with fairness in mind.

Quick Overview of The Best Sites for Poker in NZ

Explore New Zealand’s top poker destinations, each with a distinct poker experience. Jackpot Molly Casino offers live dealer games, Spin Casino features high RTP rates, and Jackpot City boasts game variety. Wildz Casino focuses on quality and safety, while Caxino Casino partners with renowned providers and ensures fairness with competitive RTP rates. Discover New Zealand’s best poker options.

Jackpot Molly Casino

jackpot molly bonus

Jackpot Molly Casino, a premier poker destination in New Zealand, offers a comprehensive poker experience. With a wide range of poker variants, it caters to both beginners and seasoned players, boasting classic options like Texas Hold’em and strategic games like Omaha.

What truly distinguishes Jackpot Molly Casino is its exceptional live dealer poker games, streamed directly from renowned land-based casinos worldwide. This feature creates an immersive environment where you can test your skills against live dealers and interact with fellow players, all while enjoying the comfort of your own space.

In collaboration with top software providers, the casino ensures seamless gameplay and striking visuals, adaptable to both desktop and mobile platforms. Adding to the allure are appealing promotions, including deposit matches and free tournament entries, making Jackpot Molly Casino an ideal choice for New Zealand players who value quality and diversity in their poker pursuits.

Spinz Casino

image shows the bonus available on spinz

Spinz Casino is your premier poker destination, offering a wide range of poker games catering to all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find a game that suits your preferences.

At Spin Casino, you can enjoy classic poker games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha, along with modern options like Caribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Poker. The games feature various betting levels, suitable for players with different budgets.

What sets Spinz Casino apart is its commitment to high RTP (Return to Player) rates. Most poker variants here offer RTP percentages exceeding 97%, providing you with better odds of consistent wins. For example, Caribbean Stud Poker boasts an impressive 98.19% RTP, enhancing your chances of winning.

Spinz Casino regularly hosts poker tournaments and offers attractive bonuses, making it the top choice for poker enthusiasts. Enjoy these poker games on desktop and mobile devices.

Wildz Casino

bonus available on wildz

Wildz Casino stands out as a top poker destination in New Zealand, catering to a broad range of poker enthusiasts. The casino offers a rich collection of poker games, with a particular emphasis on quality and variety.

What makes Wildz Casino special is its collaboration with renowned software providers like NetEnt and Microgaming. This partnership guarantees that you have access to cutting-edge graphics, engaging gameplay, and an array of poker options.

Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, Wildz Casino ensures a secure and regulated gaming environment. This commitment to player safety and integrity is a top priority.

With an impressive average Return to Player (RTP) rate of approximately 96%, players at Wildz Casino enjoy competitive odds and a fair chance of winning. The casino also enhances the poker experience with enticing bonuses and promotions, making it an ideal choice for poker enthusiasts in New Zealand. Join Wildz Casino today for a top-quality poker adventure.

Caxino Casino

caxino's available bonus

Caxino Casino, a prominent poker site in New Zealand, features a rich selection of popular poker variations such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud, providing diverse options for poker enthusiasts. This online casino partners with reputable software providers like Microgaming and NetEnt, ensuring high-quality poker games with immersive graphics and seamless gameplay.

Caxino Casino operates under licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring a secure and regulated gaming environment. These licenses emphasize the casino’s commitment to player protection and fair play.

Moreover, Caxino Casino boasts competitive Return to Player (RTP) rates in its poker games, ensuring players have fair winning opportunities. 

This transparency and fairness contribute to the overall trustworthiness of the casino, making it a favored choice for poker enthusiasts in New Zealand.

What Types of Poker Games Are There?

Explore the diverse world of poker with these engaging variants. From the widespread popularity of Texas Hold’em to the strategy-rich realm of Video Poker, each game offers a unique experience. Dive into the intricacies of Pai Gow Poker, a fusion of ancient Chinese gaming and poker, or try your luck at Caribbean Stud Poker, where you face off against the house. These poker games cater to players of all skill levels, making them a thrilling choice for both novices and pros.

Texas Holdem

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular and widely played variants of poker. In this game, each player receives two private cards, and five community cards are placed face-up on the “board.” The objective is to create the best possible five-card hand by combining your two private cards with the five community cards.

One of the key features of Texas Hold’em is the community cards. These include three “flop” cards, one “turn” card, and one “river” card, each revealed in different betting rounds.

Hand rankings in Texas Hold’em range from a high card to a royal flush, with the royal flush being the highest-ranking hand.

The game involves blinds and multiple betting rounds: “pre-flop,” “flop,” “turn,” and “river.” Players must consider their hole cards, community cards, and the potential hands of their opponents when making betting decisions.

Texas Hold’em is featured in major poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. Its combination of skill and strategy has made it the preferred poker variant for both casual players and professionals worldwide.

Video Poker

Video Poker is a casino game that combines elements of traditional five-card poker with the convenience of a slot machine. Players are dealt five cards and can choose which to keep or discard. The objective is to create the best poker hand, and the payouts are determined by the strength of the hand.

Popular Video Poker variations include Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Double Bonus Poker, each with its unique rules and paytables.

Strategy plays a significant role in Video Poker, as players must decide which cards to hold and which to discard. Achieving a Royal Flush, the highest-ranking hand, typically results in the top payout.

Video Poker provides a blend of luck and strategy, offering an engaging alternative to traditional table poker games.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow Poker is a unique card game that blends elements of traditional poker and an ancient Chinese game known as Pai Gow. In this game, players are dealt seven cards and must create two separate poker hands, a five-card “high” hand and a two-card “low” hand. The goal is to beat both the dealer’s hands to win.

The game’s strategy involves splitting your cards optimally to maximize your chances of winning both hands. Popular in both online and land-based casinos, Pai Gow Poker offers a slower-paced, strategic gaming experience. It has a low house edge, making it a favorite for those who enjoy a more relaxed poker game.

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud Poker is a popular casino card game that pits players against the house instead of each other. The game is based on traditional five-card stud poker but with a unique twist. Players receive five cards, and the goal is to create a stronger hand than the dealer’s. If successful, players win payouts based on the strength of their hand, with a royal flush offering the highest reward.

One unique feature is the progressive jackpot option, where players can place an additional bet to participate in a growing jackpot pool. To qualify for the jackpot, you typically need a flush or better. Caribbean Stud is known for its straightforward rules and offers an exciting poker experience in many casinos.

Features of Best Poker Sites in NZ

In the realm of online poker in New Zealand, two key features stand out – thrilling tournaments and the tantalizing opportunity to win huge jackpots. These aspects add a layer of excitement and potential rewards to the poker experience. Whether you’re an avid Texas Hold’em player or prefer other variants, the best poker sites in NZ offer a dynamic environment that keeps players coming back for more.


Leading poker sites in NZ host a variety of tournaments that add an extra layer of excitement to the game. These tournaments come in different formats, such as Sit & Go, Multi-Table, and more. 

They offer opportunities to compete against a diverse field of players, showcase your skills, and potentially win substantial cash prizes. Whether you’re into Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or other poker variants, these platforms provide a dynamic tournament environment that keeps the competition fierce and rewarding.

Lots of Jackpots

For many poker enthusiasts, the allure of massive jackpots is a major draw. The best NZ poker sites feature a range of jackpot options, both local and progressive. Local jackpots are confined to a specific poker site, while progressive jackpots pool contributions from various players and sites. 

This variety enhances the thrill and provides numerous opportunities for players to chase significant jackpots. The chance to win life-changing sums of money is a hallmark of these top poker platforms, making them highly sought after by poker players in New Zealand.

FAQ for Playing Online Poker in New Zealand

Can you play online poker in New Zealand?

Online poker is legal and accessible in New Zealand. Kiwi players can enjoy a variety of online poker games on licensed and reputable platforms. These sites provide a secure and regulated environment, ensuring that players can engage in poker games with confidence in their legality and fairness.

What is the best poker to play online?

The best poker variant to play online depends on your preferences and skills. Texas Hold’em is the most popular and widely available online poker game, known for its strategic depth. However, other variants like Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and more can offer diverse and enjoyable experiences. Choose the one that suits you best.